The Exhibition Path by Marcin Wicha
Third book by Marcin Wicha and a stunning piece of literature. It starts with Kazimir Malevich and his famous black square, but the scope and boldness of this essay is hard to fathom.
Maria Peszek poster: Bach Bach / Boom Boom
Limited edition of a poster with an excerpt from a song (Bang bang, freedom or death) of a renowned Polish singer Maria Peszek, which serves as a commentary on a political turmoil in Poland.
Alex Kerr, Lost Japan: A Glimpse of Old Japan
A book such as this demands special treatment. I decided to use several reproductions of Japanese woodblock prints inside, the book itself is printed on high-quality smooth paper and hard-bound.
Karakter literary fiction series 2015–2019
As the titles in the series differ from one another, there is no point in them looking the same. I decided to keep a standard format, interior layout, dust jacket, and a sticker with the series name.
Stramer – a novel by Mikołaj Łoziński
A family saga from pre-war Poland. I found the inspiration in the last lines of the novel and the image of a sun setting over a sea. The type layout is a distant echo of the sun's reflections on a calm sea.
Mona Chollet, The Witches (Sorcières)
As this fascinating book on different forms of women’s oppression focus mostly on a present moment, I never entertained the idea of showing a lady on a broom on the cover.
Karakter essay series 2015–2019
Series of titles on current issues describing how to tackle various forms of oppression. The books had to be very accessible, hence their small format and relatively inexpensive choice of material.
Babel – major languages of the world everyone adores kittens, I dug out a 19th-century illustration of a fiery little cat. It is cute on its own and repeated twenty times, makes the cover quirky, a little bit old fashioned, and – I hope – fun.
Manufactures. Ingenuity Among Us
A foray into DIY esthetics of Polish non-professional design: gazebos, gates, garden decorations. They are, at the same time, heart-warmingly naive and eerily unsettling.
Pass It On – a book by Krzysztof Lenk
Writings on design, on learning, and teaching it from experienced Polish scholar and designer. The dust jacket is printed with three Pantones and black to make sure that the colors are RGB vivid.
How I stopped Loving Design
What other typeface than Times New Roman could I use on a cover of Marcin Wicha's book titled 'How I Stopped Loving Design"?
The European Poet of Freedom series
A poetry volume series designed for a biannual poetry festival held in Gdansk, Poland.
Michael Herr, Dispatches
A seminal work on the Vietnam War, and perhaps THE book on any war, really. The design was a challenge simply because there are so many outstanding images of the war it was tough to pick one.
Frank Lloyd Wright, Modern Architecture
Wright is looking fiercely from the cover, and though I am not into ornaments, I couldn’t refrain from hot-stamping one (along with the author’s name) on the spine of the book.
Wade Graham, Dream Cities
What were the different architectural utopias of the 20th century, how were they successful, and where they failed, wonders Wade Graham in his informative book.
Selected works by Ryszard Kapuscinski
The deluxe edition of Ryszard Kapuscinski’s most recognizable works. For years the most famous Polish non-fiction writer, widely read abroad, Kapuscinski is still a big name in Poland.
Experiencing Architecture
Book for those puzzled by architecture, no matter modern or old. The cover features a photo of children playing on a rooftop of a famous Unite d’Habitation, a building designed by Le Corbusier.
Gropius, The Scope of Total Architecture
Book by a legendary architect and the man who established Bauhaus. I tried to design it in such a way that it reflected author's views and opinions: deeply humane, focused on well-being of society and individuals alike.
Learning from Las Vegas
Oversaturations, halftone patterns and blueish tint of the original 1971 US edition. Clean design (think Dutch typography) paired with a dollop of American post-modernism (thanks, Emigre).
Widzieć/Wiedzieć – To See/To Know
First Polish anthology of the most important texts on graphic design. Almost 500 hundred pages, two colors inside, hardcover, bound in turquoise paper. First print run sold in no time!
Posters for Stanislaw Lem's books
Series of posters with images I used on Stanislaw Lem's sci-fi books series published between 2012 and 2019 by Wydawnictwo Literackie. Digital print, B2 format (50×70 cm)
The Hobbit (J.R.R. Tolkien) poster
A poster for J.R.R. Tolkien's book THE HOBBIT; originally designed for my daughter), now available for everyone (and their children!) Digital print, B2 format (50×70 cm).
The Man in the High Castle poster
A poster for Philip K. Dick's book THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE. Obsessive, mysterious, and mystical: my favourite novel by the author. Digital print, B2 format (50×70 cm).
Ubik by Philip K. Dick poster
As we follow Joe Chip in his journey through time, space, and different planes of existence, everything becomes less and less clear, except for the omnipresence and power of Ubik, whatever it is.
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