The Emperor
The Shadow of the Sun
Travels with Herodotus
Shah of Shahs

The deluxe edition of Ryszard Kapuscinski’s most recognizable works. For years the most famous Polish non-fiction writer, widely read abroad, Kapuscinski is still a big name in Poland. The client did not let me choose the materials for the books covers (I would have gone for uncoated paper, obviously), my input is limited to the design only. I decided to shun photographs, or any realistic imagery for Kapuscinski’s writing is very poetic and metaphorical, a quality I wanted to show in my design of the covers. I limited myself to three colors only with a thought that I could turn these into screenprints someday.

Year: 2016
Page size: 123 x 197 mm
Pages: 200 – 256
Binding: Hardcover
Typefaces: Paperback 24

Publishing house:

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