Mortal Engines poster (Lem)
After more than a decade of tinkering, I'm giving the posters for Stanisław Lem's classic SF novels their final form. Several illustrations (e.g. this one) had up to five versions!
The Cyberiad poster (Lem)
When I started illustrating Lem's books in 2012, I wondered how they would look like if published in the US in the 1950s. How would the retro-futuristic aesthetic work?
Pirx the Pilot poster (Lem)
I ended up combining my past inspirations with Eastern Bloc aesthetics. And what a marriage it is: just look at the headline, set in gorgeous post-Soviet KTF Compacta!
Zawsze Kurwa Coś etc. poster series
'It's Always F**king Something' reads the most popular poster in the series. I sold almost 1,000 copies and it is still going strong: Polish fatalism through and through!
Springer's abstract geometry posters
OK, I admit it all started with the Söhne typeface: an unexpectedly humane adaptation of the classic Akzidenz Grotesk. It suits the style of the Springer books just fine!
Guardians of the Galaxy poster
I'm not a fan of the MCU, but Guardians kept winning me over, I just love the trilogy! It cheers me up and moves me, my daughter loves it too, what more could you ask for?
Infinite Jest DFW Poster
'So yo then man, what's your story?', I read those words in David Foster Wallace's novel when I was 35, and nothing was ever the same again. The book shaped me in many ways.
The Man in the High Castle poster
A poster for Philip K. Dick's book 'The Man in the High Castle'. Obsessive, mysterious and mystical: my favourite novel by the author. Or is it 'Ubik'? Or 'Valis'? Damn, I don't know.
Ubik by Philip K. Dick poster
As we follow Joe Chip in his journey through different planes of existence, everything becomes less and less clear, except for the omnipresent power of Ubik, whatever it is.
Philip K. Dick's Valis poster
God is no where / God is now here: I just love the twisted characters and lunatics of 1970s San Francisco that populate the pages of Dick's visionary and bizarre novel.
Dune by David Lynch movie poster
Before Villeneuve's film, there was a 1984 David Lynch version. Not very good, it nonetheless features the ultimate sandworm that cannot be improved upon!
The Hobbit(J.R.R. Tolkien) poster
A poster for J.R.R. Tolkien's book THE HOBBIT; originally designed for my daughter, and now is available for everyone (and their children!) Digital print on archival paper.
Boom Boom poster feat. Maria Peszek
Limited edition of a poster with an excerpt from a song (Boom boom, we choose freedom over doom) of a Polish singer Maria Peszek, a commentary on a political turmoil in Poland.
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