After a long journey, I'm closing the topic of Lem posters: giving them their final form and no more tweaking. Some illustrations have had up to five versions!
For example, Mortal Engines (or: Tales of Robots, or: Fables for Robots). Their oldest version from eleven (gasp!) years ago was done in one day in Photoshop with lousy brushes. A few years later, I redrew them on a larger scale in Illustrator and Painter, added the first version of the text (with a big LEM), then the second (with a big title). Last year they got another facelift, with geometric versions of Mortal Engines, Pirx, and Cyberiad (redrawn in Illustrator, finished in Procreate and Photoshop), and now I'm adding English text to send them out into the world - even though some of the almost three hundred posters already went to foreigners, clearly die-hard Lem enthusiasts.
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