A classic of radical feminist thought published by my Karakter press. I try not to get too fancy when making a cover for a book like this, but even a purely typographic layout allows for creativity. I used the distinctive typeface by Tré Seals (Vocal Type Co.). It's impressive what a designer can do when working on cultural heritage! The Bayard typeface was inspired by posters and banners, similar to Martin, who appeared on my cover for Franz Fanon's book Black Skin, White Masks. The cover cardboard has a beautiful deep orange colour and is screen printed with black paint of an asphalt-like consistency.
Year: 2020, 2022
Page size: 120×195 mm (4.7×7.6 in.)
Pages: 344 (Davis), 
Paper: Zing Lux Cream 1,6 80 g
Binding: paperback
Cover material: Les Naturals Topaze 325 g (Davis), Pergraphica Infinite Black 250 g (Fanon)
Typefaces: Bayard (Davis), Martin (Fanon), Chronicle (body)
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