In the early 1930s, Frank Lloyd Wright gave a series of lectures on his view of architecture. They were gathered in this volume, and this is the first Polish edition. The preface is printed on a light red background to mark the distinction between it and the main text. Wright is looking fiercely from the cover, and though I am not into ornaments, I couldn’t refrain from making my impression of Frank Lloyd Wright’s ornament that I hot-stamped (along with the author’s name) on the spine of the book. It contrasts nicely with a rough surface of the cover paper and its mute lilac color.

Year: 2016
Page size: 137 x 207 mm (5.4 x 8.1 in)
Pages: 264
Binding: Softcover with flaps
Paper: Munken Print Cream 15 90 g
Cover material: Gmund Matt 44 Lilac 300 g
Typefaces: Oskar Two, Warnock

Publishing house:
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