It is the book for somebody puzzled by architecture, no matter modern or old. Vividly written, it will guide you through intricacies of human architectural creations, show how we can see, hear, and feel them on multiple examples. Printed in the 1950s by a Danish scholar, it is still one of the most accessible and beautiful meditations on force and charm of the architecture. I intended to underline the recurring theme of senses. This is why I decided to use uncoated paper on the cover. The spine is printed in red and coated with UV varnish, though, this little contrast is meant to attract attention. The cover features a photo of children playing on a rooftop of a famous Unite d’Habitation, a building in Marseilles designed by Le Corbusier.
Year: 2015
Page size: 140×240 mm (5.5×9.4 in.)
Pages: 280
Binding: hardcover
Paper: Munken Print Cream 15 90 g
Cover material: Geltex 115 g uncoated coloured stock, UV varnish on the spine
Typeface: Cardea
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