We have been publishing Susan Sontag's books in Karakter since 2009. Previous editions were hardback, large format and printed on high quality paper. At the time, their unconventional design (e.g. narrow proportions, which I have retained here) was quite distinctive in Polish bookshops. The 2023 editions are smaller, printed on ordinary paper, and have paperback covers (although I couldn't resist using a fancy uncoated stock). What's more, readers can buy them for less than they would have a decade ago. In the age of climate change, wars, pandemics and inflation, I am not so keen on making exquisite designs: downsizing seems a better choice.
Year: 2023
Page size: 120×207 mm (4.7×​​​​​​​8.1 in.)
Pages: 256–440
Paper: EccoBook 2.0 70 g
Binding: paperback
Cover material: Favini Crush 300 g uncoated coloured ​​​​​​​stock
Typefaces: Rauschen B, Filosofia (body)
I decided to keep the same typeface for the body text as in previous editions: Emigre's Filosofia by Zuzana Licko. Some say it's a bit quirky. Maybe, but I like to use fonts that are at least a little distinctive. Filosofia works well in the narrow format, and to make things even more colourful, I decided to combine this elegant postmodern Bodoni with the brutalist square Rauschen B
The titles on the cover are smaller than the excerpts from Sontag's work. I wanted to hook the reader with a quote and then reveal who the author was, letting the writer's thoughts (not her name or reputation) draw us into the book.
Link to bookstore: karakter.pl
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