Rebecca Solnit, Men Explain Things to Me
Jonathan Crary, 24/7
Rebecca Solnit, Hope in the Dark
Christopher Hitchens, Letters to a Young Contrarian
Rafal Matyja, Emergency Exit
Series of titles on current issues and how to tackle various forms of oppression. The books had to be very accessible, hence their small format and relatively inexpensive choice of material. The covers had to be strong and striking, as is the writing of authors featured in it: Hitchens got the modern ¡No pasarán! treatment in his treatise on non-conformity, Solnit’s first book in Poland, Men Explain Things to Mebecame very popular, and for a moment, the footnote star cover was quite ubiquitous in Polish bookstores and magazines. Rafal Matyja’s book, a commentary on the present situation in Polish politics, is titled Emergency Exit, so I thought it would be right if the typography on the cover somehow reflected the image of the door slightly ajar. The first edition of the book has the letters printed with an ink that glows in the dark.
Year: from 2015
Page size: 120×195 mm (4.7×7.7 in.)
Pages: 200–320
Binding: paperback with flaps
Paper: Munken Print White 15 90 g
Cover material: Arktika 270 g
Typefaces: Paperback 12 (body)
Poster shop:
Publishing house:
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