A book about the friendship between two famous real-life characters: a scientist (Bronisław Malinowski) and an artist (Stanisław Witkacy Witkiewicz). The book is huge (544 pages), so printing costs were already high. The paper inside is decent-ish, but definitely not something I would have used two or three years ago. I ditched the dust jacket and flaps, which saved me a lot of cash. In the age of excess, I find modesty (which in this case is not to be confused with minimalism) increasingly appealing.
Year: 2023
Page size: 142×207 mm (5.6×8.1 in.)
Pages: 544
Paper: EccoBook 70 g 2.0
Binding: paperback
Cover material: Natural Art Silk Embossed Eggshell 290 g
Typefaces: Surveyor, Guyot (body)
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