Boy, did I have fun with these! The posters series originally started as book covers for reedition of Lem's novels (16 titles so far, you can see some of the other illustrations in my another post). Most of them were written in the 60s., so I decided to go for these slightly retrofuturistic look and color palette. This aesthetic wasn't that popular in Poland as it was in its heyday in USA, but nonetheless I think that it suits the texts well. As the first illustrations were prepared for covers only, I had to redraw them in larger format. I work in Illustrator and Painter (using Pepper Spray brush only).

All the posters are digitally printed with 11 inks on uncoated stock, the colors are extremely vivid and should last a couple of lifetimes, at least this is what the printers tell me.

Digital print on 180 g uncoated stock. 
Each poster is signed and numbered.
Paper format: B2 = 50×70 cm (19.7×27.5 in)
You can buy the posters here: (Etsy).

Return from the Stars

His Master's Voice


Fables for Robots


The Astronauts


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